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Safari Dreams LTD is a UK registered Crypto mining/trading platform launched and built on the Ethereum Blockchain since 2018. The trading section is powered by super-fast and accurate AI based Crypto Trading robots that make trades on various asset classes based on complex algorithms inculcated during their design and testing.

The mining section is powered by the best Cloud mining technologies in the planet currently. Our hash rate is almost at 20 Tb/s which makes sure that our investors are constantly making profit from their mining activities on our platform. Given that the platform is decentralized, all mining activities take place in the cloud and does not require human intervention in order to be profitable.


We have just one mission: To make the benefits of crypto reach the common man. Even if you do not have enough money to purchase a full Bitcoin or Ethereum, you can join us from any part of the world to mine your own coins through our unlimited earnings program.


We hope to become one of the very few transparent and trustworthy crypto mining companies in a few years! We hope to achieve this feat by keeping up to our promises of being an honest and trustworthy partner to the masses on everything crypto.

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